• Pim Loveera

Stand up paddle board in Chao Phraya River - Canale Hostel activities selection

Last week I've tried new activity. I think it's awesome to play this kind of water activity in Chao Phraya River and the playing area is not so far from Canale Hostel.

How much for taking this

-The cost is 500 thb for 3 hours.

How to get there

-It's take 30 mins by car.

-The taxi cost is about 600 thb. (round trip)

-Our staff will call a taxi for you.

Suitable time

This is a half day trip that you can choose 2 periods.

1) In the morning (Start from Canale Hostel 7.00 am until 12.00 am. This period you can go to local market nearby

2) In the afternoon (Start from Canale Hostel 2.00 pm untill 7.00 pm.

Gears you need

1) Swim suite (long sleeves if you want to protect your body from sun light)

2) Slippers

3) Water proof bag

4) Sun block or sun tan

5) Cap

6) Towel

7) Camera (optional)

8) Sun glasses (optional)

If you want to booking this or want to know more information, feel free to ask our staff.

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